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Webuz Business is based on selling Monthly subsription of Webuz e Library  and the Membership Fees of webuz e Library is Rs 750 pm . Hence to start This Business you should yourself be a subscriber of webuz e Library. Hence you have to pay Rs 750 Pm

These Days we Spend More Than Rs 750 on Waste Things Like Eating Fast Food or Watching movies and many such things which cant give us any Financial Benefit .Even if You are working in a Job you spend more than Rs 1500 pm in Travelling to your office daily Whereas this business is 100% Online and you dont have to go out anywhere in this business




Any citizen of India who wants to Earn EXTRA Fixed Monthly Income & has a Smartphone with Internet & who can Invest Rs 750 Pm can start this Business from his / her home

Q-1 -Who can Start This Business 


How To Start This 

Q-2 -Why we have to Pay Rs 750 Pm?


Q-3 -How is This Business Different from Other Businesses ?

In Every other Business we should have following components to start and be successful


An Office or Shop

A common Lower Middle Class Person cannot Afford Huge Rents Of Offices and Shops


A Product which has demand


Marketing System to reach the potential customers

& Marketing expenses

Appointment of Sales People on Salary , Distribution of Leaflets etc are very Expensive methods to sell a product or service


Delivery System and Expenses on delivery

Rising prices of Courier and Delivery Boys makes the Delivery of a Product very Expensive


Payment collection system and  Expenses on payment collection

The Most Important and difficult part of a normal business is how to collect outstanding payments, everyone asks for a credit period which results in Cash Crunch and collapse of a newly started business



Lets Compare above with Webuz e Library Business


An Office or Shop

On  Investing Rs 750  you get your Own Webpage with your Webuz Business Id , Your Mobile No. and any other details you want to put up. This Webpage becomes your e Office  with no other heavy expenses . ( Please visit Webpage of your Introducer or Sponsor to see an example)


A Product which has demand

e Books on Health , Career , Fitness , Jobs and Business can be very helpful in improving anyone"s Living Standard

Plus you have a Very Important Product called Part Time Career Opportunity which almost every household is looking keeping in view rising prices and increased cost of living. Every Subscriber of Webuz e Library gets Free Franchisee also and a good Repeat Monthly Income from his Direct and Indirect Subscribers


Marketing System to reach the potential customer with Zero Expenses

By Sharing your Webpage on social media & describing this Business opportunity as well your monthly Income you can reach Thousands of People countrywide thus expanding your business to various cities without spending any money.


Delivery System and Expenses on delivery

With the Help of Online Payment Gateway you dont have to collect any payments from subscribers or Franchisees thus saving your fuel and energy on collecting payments



Q-4 -How is This Business with Zero Running Expenses and Unlimited Growth ?


Q-5 - Is this Business Legal?

This Business is 100% Legal. Subscription Fees for Online e Library & your Own Business Webpage is 100 % Legal & there are hundreds of subscription fees based websites. There may be lot of Free e Books sites also but those sites cant give you Home Based Business Opportunity.


Paying Affiliate Commission to Subscribers who further Refer this subscription is also Legal & Hundreds of famous web portals pay Affiliate Commission on referals